FRI 18 NOV, 2005

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The Way Ahead

NOA Community Centre (Ferry Centre)
Summertown, Oxford

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Epidemics, droughts, floods and the alarming phenomena of global warming are evidence that our society is heading towards a very grim future indeed. It is essential that we question the underlying assumptions and values of the worldview of Modernism, on which our society is based, with its faith in reductionist and mechanistic thinking and its blind commitment to economic development at all costs. An ecological worldview requires a radically different approach that will reflect the original chthonic or earth-oriented religion of traditional societies. Traditional societies organised themselves around the guiding principle that they could only flourish and sustain themselves by acting in accordance with the Way (the R'ta of Vedic India and the Tao of ancient China) - a principle that all of nature follows. We need to return to the Way, rather than divert even more from it by applying mega-technological expedients that can only further disrupt the order of the natural world.

Edward Goldsmith is the Founding Editor of The Ecologist magazine and author of The Way: An Ecological World-View (Themis Books, 1996).

6.00 (Friends 3.00)