FRI 4 NOV, 2005

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Be Wise as Serpents and Gentle as Doves

NOA Community Centre (Ferry Centre)
Summertown, Oxford

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This injunction from the Gospels could be said to sum up a strategy for our times. While the interface between science and consciousness has been refined considerably over the last ten years, it has become harder to act on the disturbing geopolitical information available on the internet in a way that is consistent with the belief in an emerging culture of love. The public is manipulated with Machiavellian cynicism and pacified with weapons of mass distraction while the business-as-usual show rolls on. But for how long? How can we sustain a positive vision for the future in the midst of the shifting confusion of our time?

David Lorimer is a writer, lecturer and editor of Network, the journal of the Scientific and Medical Network, of which he is also the programme director. He is the author of ten books, most recently Thinking Beyond the Brain and Science, Consciousness and Ultimate Reality. He is Chair of the Wrekin Trust, the University for Spirit Forum, and the All Hallows House Foundation concerned with holistic health. He is also a member of the International Futures Forum and editor of its digest, Omnipedia - Thinking for Tomorrow.

6.00 (Friends 3.00)