The Unwitting Separation of Humans from the Natural World, and the Consequences for Our Health

NOA Community Centre (Ferry Centre)
Summertown, Oxford

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This talk will reveal the process by which humans, since the Industrial Revolution, have become increasingly alienated from the natural environment in which they have evolved. Since WWII, this process has accelerated dramatically, with a massive escalation of governmental efforts to control every possible aspect of natural health - the EU's regulatory model acting as the template for regulatory agencies worldwide. Many aspects of the EU model have now been incorporated in global guidelines by the UN's Codex Alimentarius Commission. These relate to GM foods, antibiotics and other contaminants in the food supply, organic foods, food supplements and health claims relating to food and food products.

Dr Verkerk will demonstrate how the totality of incremental changes, coupled with attempts by the orthodox medical establishment to quash evidence of the benefits of natural health, conspire to increasingly limit our access to natural health. He will also show how these pressures now endanger the survival and continued development of some of the great traditional medicinal cultures such as Ayurveda, Unani and Traditional Chinese Medicine, which are thousands of years old. Owing to the long-term nature of these pressures, the effects on future generations are of particular concern. Finally, Dr Verkerk will address how the Alliance for Natural Health is working to offset these challenges, using a diverse range of strategies based on good science and good law.

Dr Robert Verkerk is an internationally acclaimed scientist with over 25 years of experience in the field of sustainability, relating in particular to health, agricultural and environmental issues. He founded the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) in 2002 after 7 years postdoctoral research at Imperial College London, where he was also awarded both his MSc and PhD degrees. The ANH, based in Dorking, Surrey, has become one of the leading non-governmental campaign organisations working to protect and promote natural health worldwide.

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