Of Robots and Centaurs, Liberation and Seduction:
Tibet between China and the West

NOA Community Centre (Ferry Centre)
Summertown, Oxford

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Are Tibet and its culture inevitably doomed by modernity? Do they represent something that can liberate, or seduce, modern people in both East and West? From spiritual alienation and bad conscience to resource wars and geopolitical strategies - what actually motivates Chinese and Western attitudes towards Tibet? Can the slogan 'free Tibet' actually have a meaning in a land where traditionally, god-kings have ruled? This lecture will seek to explore some of the deeper aspects of the Tibetan people's difficult fate.

Terry Boardman is a writer, lecturer and translator based in the West Midlands. A long-term student of Anthroposophy, he also has a deep connection with East Asia, where he lived for ten years. He is a regular contributor to New View magazine, in which he has recently published two articles on Tibet. Terry Boardman is author of Mapping the Millennium - Behind the Plans of the New World Order (1998) and Kaspar Hauser - Where did he come from? (2006). His website is

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