Alchemy of Creation:
An Exploration of Sacramental Science

NOA Community Centre (Ferry Centre)
Summertown, Oxford

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Sir Isaac Newton said, "Nature seems to delight in transmutations." This illustrated talk takes us into the alchemical drama of Creation, cosmology, and the transmutations occurring in nature. We will explore the metaphysical aspects of alchemy as a sacramental science, meditating and reconciling celestial and terrestrial worlds.

The alchemists' relationship to the Cosmos, and to Nature herself, provides insights into the special gifts that the alchemical quest still offers to the contemporary world, especially in our search for health and wholeness for ourselves, and for the planet at this time of pressing ecological need.

Clare Goodrick-Clarke's research interests focus on the history of medical alchemy. She studied practical alchemy in the Paracelsian tradition with Manfred Junius (1929-2004). Clare is Honorary Fellow in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Exeter, where she teaches The Hermetic Art of Alchemy in the MA in Western Esotericism. She is also a regular speaker at the New York Open Center "Esoteric Quest" Conferences in Europe. Clare is author of G.R.S.Mead and the Gnostic Quest and is a contributor to The Rosicrucian Enlightenment Revisited. She is a qualified homeopathic practitioner and writes regularly for the magazine, Picture of Health.

£6.00 (Friends £3.00)