From Orient to Occident:
Lady Alchimia's Royal Progress Through Metalical Time

NOA Community Centre (Ferry Centre)
Summertown, Oxford

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A striking engraving of 1693 depicts the Royal or Hermetick Art of transformation in person. From commentator Stanislas Klossowski de Rola we learn that:

...The hair of Lady Alchimia is Fire. Her eyes are Sun and Moon, the twin principles - Mercury and Sulphur - of the work. Her breath is Air and the influx carried in the shape of rays of Light. The three stars on her forehead are the three works, and the milk flowing from her generous breasts is Lac Virginis, the Virgin's Milk which nourishes the Stone...

Who is this mysterious lady? Where does she come from? How did she find her way through Egypt, China, Greece, and Arabia to arrive promptly in Latin Europe on 11th February 1144? What Medieval and Renaissance events have shaped her thus? This evening we will accompany her awhile along "the Way and the Level Road" in search of that light.

Dr Marie Angelo runs the MA in Transpersonal Arts and Practice at the University of Chichester, leading a pathway of Transformative Studies that takes the dazzling illuminations of a Renaissance alchemical masterwork as its guide. Her background in Archetypal Depth Psychology, Arts and Humanities rests upon the Arts of Cosmos and Tradition. Her article "Splendor Solis: Inviting the Image to Teach" appeared in the Art and Image issue of Harvest 2005, and forms the basis of a forthcoming book on the Alchemical art of seeing.

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