The Gift of Sufism to the West

NOA Community Centre (Ferry Centre)
Summertown, Oxford

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Sufism is the mystical core founded on the exoteric religion of Islam, yet its roots also draw from diverse historical sources, its branches reach beyond the geographical, religious and cultural boundaries of its origins in the Middle East, and its resonances are universal. It is a living expression of mysticism in our time, accessible to all, a path leading into meaning beyond religious concepts and forms, emphasising direct experience and transformation.

Described as 'the path of the heart', Sufism offers an exquisite culture of the heart, and a journey through yearning, practice and surrender, to realization of Unity. It offers the possibility, through the awakening of the heart, for the reuniting of love and intellect, the freeing of the creative impulse in the human being, and the attainment of 'spiritual freedom' as the inner state of knowing. As a mystical path which faces both God and creation, Sufism can respond to the deep needs of humanity at this time, re-infusing it with love of harmony, beauty, of the sacred, and with a belief in its over-arching creative purpose.

Sarida Brown has been nurtured in the Sufi inspiration, specifically the Sufi Order of the West, founded by Hazrat Inayat Khan, for over thirty years. Her work involves training students, teaching courses, and guiding retreats in the UK and Europe. As international leader of the Sufi Healing Order she focuses on deepening the understanding and practice of spiritual healing. She founded Caduceus, a journal for healing people, community and planet, and edited it for 20 years.Thursday, December 13, 2007

6.00 (Friends 3.00)