Plato, Aristotle and the Challenge of Our Times

Saturday 10am- 6pm
The Old Library, University Church of St Mary the Virgin,
Radcliffe Square, Oxford

Sunday 10am-1pm
NOA Community Centre (Ferry Centre)
Summertown, Oxford

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Of the many spiritual currents that have flowed through European culture, two have had extraordinary significance for over two thousand years. On the one hand Platonism points us towards spirit in the world of eternal Ideas, while on the other hand Aristotelianism seeks spirit at work within the material realm of change and transformation. Despite their apparent opposition, they can be seen as a dynamic polarity whose reconciliation is the central challenge of our times.


Saturday Morning (10am-1.30pm)

DR JEREMY NAYDLER: Platonism and Aristotelianism as two Gestures of the Soul

DR ALISON ROBERTS: Between the Worlds
The ancient Egyptian tradition of love's nourishing power, mediating between heavenly and earthly realms

Saturday Afternoon (3pm-6pm)

DR ANGELA VOSS: Becoming an Angel
The 'mundus imaginalis' of Henry Corbin and the Platonic path to self-knowledge

RICHARD RAMSBOTHAM: "What then?" sang Plato's Ghost!
A performance of poetry (classical and contemporary), woven together by a personal thread, to explore the presence and trials of Platonism in our culture, and the growing need to reunite 'Platonism' and 'Aristoteianism'

Sunday Morning (10am-1pm)

SAM BETTS: How Form Reveals Itself in the Physical World
Can we through practice come closer to experiencing form at work in a lawful way in the realm of matter?

CLEMENT SALAMAN: Plato and Aristotle: Irreconcilable Opposites or Necessary Complements?

Tel. Marigold Hutton: 01865 407490
£45 (Friends £35)