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Divine Wisdom, Shekinah, Holy Spirit

NOA Community Centre (Ferry Centre)
Summertown, Oxford

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In this talk Anne Baring will relate the fascinating story which connects three streams of the imagery of the Divine Feminine with each other. Her talk will explore how the tradition of Divine Wisdom, Holy Spirit and Queen of Heaven, was taken from Jerusalem to Alexandria in Egypt and how the Jewish community there kept it alive for over 500 years. There are wonderful passages in the Books of Ben Sirah and The Wisdom of Solomon that are unknown to Protestant Christians because they were not included in the Protestant Bible. Together, they speak in the most vivid and beautiful language of the immanence of spirit in the life of this planet, transmuting all creation and the apparent insignificance of our lives into something precious and sacred, to be loved, embraced, cherished and celebrated. In these texts, Wisdom speaks as the Holy Spirit, calling to humanity to listen to her, yearning to open our hearts and minds to her presence, her justice, her compassion and her truth.

Anne Baring is a writer and Jungian analyst, author and coauthor of five books. including The Myth of the Goddess (1991), The Mystic Vision (1995), The Divine Feminine (1996) and a book for children The Birds Who Flew Beyond Time (1993). She has created a website, to explore the deeper issues facing us at this critical time of choice.

6.00 (Friends 3.00)