William Blake's Milton

with Barbara Vellacott

NOA Community Centre (Ferry Centre)
Summertown, Oxford

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"Daughters of Beulah! Muses who inspire the Poet's Song,
record the journey of the immortal Milton..."

So begins William Blake's prophetic poem Milton. Why did Blake, while knowing John Milton to be a 'true poet', insist that, in the external or conscious sense at least, in Paradise Lost he had got things wrong? Why did Blake consider Milton to be 'of the Devil's party without knowing it'? We could say that both Milton and Blake were in the business of transforming the consciousness of our culture and of ourselves - expanding our vision of the human-divine, the earthly-spiritual, which for Blake were not divided. Tonight's seminar will include selected readings, explanation of Blake's main archetypal characters, and time for discussion. It will enable us to experience some of the wonderful poetry ourselves and get a sense of the story - the journey on which Blake takes both Milton and us. The seminar can be taken alone, but it is also designed to prepare us to enjoy the performance next week with more understanding.

Barabara Vellacott is committed to finding ways of reading and experiencing poetry which bring enjoyment and enlarge our self-understanding and vision. With a background in adult education, she has for the past ten years run experimental courses in various places, exploring ways of reading both classic and contemporary poetry.

6.00 (Friends 3.00)
Seminar and Performance together: 14.00 (Friends 7.00)
BOOKING ESSENTIAL: Tel. 01865 407490